FastFind 220 GPS PLB

The FastFind 220 GPS PLB is the latest lifesaving beacon from McMurdo designed for marine enthusiasts and adventurers. Building on the renowned 211 model, the FastFind 220 incorporates the latest technology and adds additional features.

Transmitting on the 406MHz frequency, FastFind 220 relays your precise GPS location, along with your unique ID, to the global network of search and rescue satellites. Within minutes from activation SAR are alerted to your emergency, and will receive regular position updates.

The FastFind 220 also transmits on the 121.5 MHz frequency, which can be used by SAR to home in on your location and find you.

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Important Information

Any 220 PLB imported from USA or Europe cannot be registered with the New Zealand Rescue Co-ordination Centre as it is a slightly different product and does not conform to the required specifications for PLBs registered in New Zealand and Australia.

The Fast Find 220 is a 406 MHz Personal Location Beacon (PLB) that should be carried by individuals, who are embarking on trips into areas around the world where there is little or no other form of communication or where other forms of communication are unlikely to work. The Fast Find acts as your personal Emergency Location Beacon, it is your last resort communication to the national and international search and rescue bodies and it should not be misused. The Fast Find is designed as a direct communication, to the 406 MHz Search and Rescue satellite system, its signal indicates that you are in need of urgent response and assistance.

Its small size belies its rugged construction and powerful output. There is no compromise. Once activated, the distress beacon will obtain a GPS position, send out a signal for help, and continue to transmit for at least 24 hours, at a powerful 5 watt output, ensuring that your call for help gets through whatever the conditions. The pocket sized beacon transmits at the press of a button, to alert search and rescue services to your plight. A built in strobe can be activated to automatically flash SOS to any response activity.

The Fast Find weighs just 5.36 oz (172g) and measures D 34mm x W 47mm x L 106mm. It is extremely sturdy and designed to cope with temperatures as low as -20°. The Fast Find’s battery is designed to run for a minimum of 24 hours at the end of 6 years after which it can be easily replaced at our service centre.

SELF TEST. When doing a self test you need to press hard on the test button with your thumbnail. You will feel a click and you will see a short flash from the light followed by either 3, 2, or 1 flash. 3 or 2 flashes is OK for normal use 1 or no flash means the battery needs replacing.
The pressure required has been made firm to stop small children setting off the self test and reducing battery power.


Operating temperature -20 to +55°C (-4 to +131°F)
Storage temperature -30 to +70°C (-22 to +158°F)
Altitude 12,192m(40,000ft)
Buoyancy Category 2, will not float (keep in buoyancy pouch provided)
Battery type Lithium Manganese
Transmit duration >35hours@+10°C(50°F)
Battery life (storage) 6 years
Battery replacement Bright Ideas Service Centre
Battery Use Logged by microprocessor
Frequency 406.037MHz(alert) / 121.5MHz(homer)
Power >5W(alert) / >50mW(homer) nominal
Unique ID Number Factory or dealer programmed
GPS Type 50 channel, ceramic patch antenna
Size (DxWxL) 34 x 47 x 106mm (1.34 x 1.85 x 4.17in)
Weight 152g (5.36oz)
Indicator Light High brightness LED signal light
SOS flashlight Morse code SOS flash pattern, 30 operations
Activation Manual, three stage
Self-test Tests transmitters, battery and light
Standard Compass Safe Distance 1m(3ft)
Standards COSPAS-SARSATT.001/T.007class2, RTCMSC110STD
11010.2, ETSI EN 302-152-1, AS/NZS 4280.2, NSS-PLB06
Sealing depth Immersion to 10m(30ft) for 5 minutes

Weight: 0.00 kg

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